About Us

German World Magazine is published quarterly and features all articles in German and English. It is available as print version and eMagazine.

Launched in September 2002 by founder & publisher Petra Schürmann, German World Magazine (ISSN 1558-7856) has been distributed nationwide in the US by subscription and a limited number of complimentary copies is also available at selected locations such as the Goethe-Institut, the Embassies and Consulates of Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the German-American Chambers of Commerce, at numerous American universities, colleges, German schools, restaurants, and delis as well as at special events such as German Fest Milwaukee, Steuben Parade New York, Oktoberfests, Wurstfest Texas, and various Christmas markets in the US.

German World informs about upcoming events, historical facts, interesting careers, business opportunities, and news concerning the Austrian, German and Swiss communities in North America. Both publications, the website www.german-world.com  and the magazine, are an excellent resource guide for anything German in the US and strive at supporting German as a foreign language in the US. 

Each issue of our print publication reaches over 50,000 readers and our website (ISSN-1558-7576) registers more than 400,000 hits and more than 60,000 unique visitors every month.